DIstrict 67's League Information

Below you will find information regarding each individual leagues pricing structure, league borders, league website link and contact information. 
***Please note District 67 does not set the pricing for each league, this is done by the board of directors for each league. The information below has been obtained from each leagues President or their webpage***

-Lathrop Little League-

Boundaries- Lathrop Little League
Website- Lathrop Little League
Contact email: [email protected]

-Manteca Little League-

Boundaries- Manteca Little League
Website- Manteca Little League
Contact email: [email protected]

-Mountain House Little League-

Boundaries- Mountain House Little League
Website- Mountain House Little League
Contact email: [email protected]

- Northgate Little League-

Boundaries- Northgate Little League
Website- Northgate Little League
Contact email:[email protected]

- Patterson Little League-

Boundaries-  Patterson Little League
Website- Patterson Little League
Contact email: [email protected]

-Salida Little League-

Boundaries- Salida Little League
Website- Salida Little League
Contact email: [email protected]

-Spreckles Park Little League-

Boundaries- Spreckles Park Little League
Website- Spreckles Park Little League
Contact email: [email protected]

Online Registration is Now Open


                           Early Bird/Regular

Tee Ball-                     $80/$95
Farm-                         $85/$95
Minors/Majors-     $110/$135
Juniors-                   $165/$185

-Tracy Little League-

Boundaries- Tracy Little League
Website- Tracy Little League
Contact email: [email protected]

-Weston Ranch Little League-

Boundaries- Weston Ranch Little League
Website- Weston Ranch Little League
Contact email: [email protected]

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